søndag den 29. september 2013

The Mysterious Guy

The mysterious guy

When your flirting with a girl it's like playing a game of cards with her, both of you have secret hands and you throw cards one at a time back and forth. Like mentioned before you don't want to overthink about approaching a girl, but if you want to put yourself in a situation where you are stuck in the her mind do as written in this article. 

When you talk to her always choose your next steps wisely, never give up way too much about yourself, always ask her questions and make her talk and when she's asking you, do reply short and never as detailed as you know you can reply. It would put her on the questionable spot and she will think 'why is he like that? He's a man of few words'. That's the is where you want to be because when your not in her presence she will think about you and her interest in you will increase dramatically. Her sub consciousness will make her want to see you more often. If you really want to "torment" her, say that you are busy when she wants too meet you then you will see a desperate side of her.

Beware that you can come off as a arrogant douchebag, when playing this kind of card. That's why I encourage you to find the balance, don't just completely 'ignore' her when she ask you something but act cool and make it all about her. You say one word and make her say thousands.

Just to make a short recap
- act mysterious not creepy
- encourage the conversation to be about her
- reply short but not monotone and way too boring
- never give too much of yourself, but don't maintain this, when you're getting further in the relationship this won't help you because you already surpassed the first or second level of your flirtatious relationship. Imagine if you kept doing so how weird wouldn't you look?

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søndag den 15. september 2013

8 Signs that she likes you

Do you want to know if the girl you like likes you back? Or you are curious about how to tell if a girl likes you? Keep reading the following content and the next time you meet the girl observe how the signs actually speaks truth.

1.     When she sees you she acts like she didn’t see you, but when you look away she will look at you.

2.     In an eye contact with her she will quickly look to her left/right or down. It’s a sub conscious thing if she does so. It’s a sign of her being nervous when you are around it also means that she is thinking about how she feels about you. (Read more in the section of “The eye game”)

3.     She will react if you talk to other females, she will give you the look that tells you that she isn’t pleased with it. In some cases she will even show you jealousy just if you’re talking to a guy, if that’s the case she really likes you. Just a reminder no matter what anyone says, a girl does not like a ‘player’ at all, they despise it they don’t want a guy who has been with 100 hundreds of women and showboats about its huge turnoff.

4.     If she is around her friends or other people she will talk loud or even laugh louder so you can hear her. It’s probably not to make you jealous but it’s her way to make her noticeable so you pay attention to her.

5.     She will play with her hair or constantly check up on her makeup, she will be aware of her appearance and she will make sure that she looks good when you’re around.

6.     If you’re having a conversation with her she will laugh at your jokes even though they are heard before or if they are corny. The best case is when she just laugh at the smallest things you say, but it’s not a positive thing if she is laughing at you then it would mean something else. The fact that you can make a woman laugh is a big thumbs up, it throws all the defences away.
             · In a conversation she will say your name often after a sentence
             · If she ask you questions she knows the answers for
7.     She will find a way to be close to you, wherever you are she will be. Not in a “stalkerish” way but she just wants to see you because she is interested. Whenever you’re not there she will be looking for you and actually spends some time thinking about where the hell you are.

8.     If anything be courageous and tell her directly how you feel about her, many waste their time thinking about how things could be, but the truth is you never know if you don’t try.