onsdag den 28. august 2013

3 simple changes to make you visible to females

We live in a modern society, which means many things has changed, we think and behave differently than men and women did just decades ago. The “outer” means more than the “inner” in that case I’m talking about appearance, it’s so crucial that it knocks out the notion about having a great personality. In many situations you never get to talk to the girl you’ve been checking out in the clubs or social meetings or whatsoever. That’s why you hear from PUA’s or basically from everyone that first impression does matter. So lets begin

1.     Teeth whitening every girl like a cute smile, smiling with the mouth closed just doesn’t show enough. It’s about showing confidence in your smile and it shows much about you. Smile and It will affect her too and make her smile as well. Most women rate their men by their teeth, some women are so vain that they get turned off by crooked teeth or if they are yellow and actually look unclean. If your teeth aren’t perfect like the male models you see in magazines, you don’t really rely on your smile.
If you think about it, your sub consciousness automatically says to you don’t put energy in your smile, because you think about what she will think. “Eww he has disgusting teeth”, “Omg his teeth are so crooked”. But I say to hell with it! If you have crooked teeth it doesn’t matter, you are as you are! The point is no matter what anyone says, the smile has a huge importance in getting a girl. So yes get your teeth whitened or just brush your teeth so they look clean of course, and use your smile it’s a big part of your charm.

      2.    Fitness! Your body means a lot you don’t even have an idea. Being fit and muscular is more attractive than being skinny or overweight, sorry to say. Women want a guy who’s in shape and actually can fit their t-shirts and pants. Begin to workout and do some exercises start slow and build your way up. I’m not saying that you have to overdo it and become Arnold Schwarzenegger or be ripped that your body reveal all the veins, but as a research tells us an ideal body that most women fancy is where Brad Pitt stars as Tyler Durden in “Fight Club”. A lean muscular body not to skinny and not a sense of fat in there. Your body tells a million things about your posture and if you stand upright and don’t hunch your back etc etc. Women look at that, they can tell if you body is such a secret and enclosed, it’s about opening up and stand up as the man you are.  

3.    Face wash! This is probably one of the most important steps, because your face is the first thing anyone notices.
Exfoliate your skin, again there’s a balance you don’t want to be all greasy or too dry but yes make it shine. Clean skin is a big plus, how you take care of yourself and maintain a good hygiene is great and other people notice that. You can get a cheap face wash or face scrub in a wellness store it doesn’t have to be expensive, if anything you could just wash your face with a neutral soap and cold water. If you got money to spend you could go to a spa and they’ll “fix you up” expensive but worth it. No girl wants a guy with a big zit on his cheek they keep focusing on it and remember you for it.
These steps are superficial things but then again keep in mind what I mentioned earlier, the way of thinking has changed. People look up to the Hollywood stars and want it. Make small changes and become visible. 

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