lørdag den 31. august 2013

Overcome the fear of approaching attractive girls

It’s completely normal to be nervous or having butterflies in your stomach when meeting a cute girl you find interesting. Most of the times you never get to have a conversation with her because you chicken out or you simply don’t have the courage to go talk to her. But don’t sweat yourself everyone has made that mistake but it doesn’t mean you have to repeat it. When you meet a girl no matter if it’s in a bar, club or even at school you need to have a specific mindset. Which means that you need to stop overanalysing situations, like getting rejected or over thinking about what you are going to say to her. You have to be bold and do things in other perspectives, a first step could be that you stop caring. Most importantly forget what other people thinks about you, show them that you have the courage to do what they cant.

We all are humans

Women are human beings not aliens from a different planet, they won’t bite and if they’re not showing interest in you, move to the next one simple as that. Act bold but at the same time find the balance, you should not be entirely careless just don’t get offended by stuck up women who rejects you, the moment you retaliate and go down to their level that’s when everything will escalate to the red zone. Don’t show that your upset because you got rejected, in a small period of time the word will spread out and you will be known as the biggest jackass from the whole entire evening.
Before going out learn to live by the mindset that you are going to end up with a woman no matter what. There are no women who are unreachable, take the situation like this, if they don’t want you it is their loss. 

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