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Hey you! Welcome to my blog! I'm happy you found it, because it will change the perspective on how you view the art of dating, flirting and the most important topic love. Are you the guy who's curious and always wanted to find the girl of your dreams? You always wanted to be the guy who could approach any women that interest you? Or you’re in a relationship and it feels like you’re reached a roadblock? You don't know what to do or where to start? It's sounds so cliché, but you found the right place! So enjoy a cup of coffee and continue reading the contents and hopefully when your done reading you become the happy guy with the lucky girl.

The baby steps

I’m not here to judge you, and no one should even do so, but the whole so called “game” isn’t easy and it never was, so before you begin to do anything take a deep breath and take everything a notch down. 
Have you ever heard about the term: 
“An expert was once a beginner” or “A pro was once a noob” etc etc? 
Funny enough its true, Einstein wasn’t a genius immediately! He dedicated a lot of time to study and practise and eventually he became the world famous mastermind we all know to this day today. In that case it’s the same when coming to the game of love. You study and practise what’s offered in this blog. And again take it easy don’t judge yourself we are here to learn and succeed. 

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